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· 4 min read
Ekene Eze

Collab.Land is proud to announce the launch of its new Developer Portal and API product offering. These pivotal additions serve to broaden accessibility for developers, paving the way for further innovation within the comprehensive Collab.Land network of communities.

Introducing the Developer Portal

The Developer Portal provides a dedicated platform for developers to contribute their Miniapps to:

  • Create client applications and get access to API credentials
  • Contribute Miniapps to the Collab.Land Marketplace.
  • Leverage LWC flow to request user permissions for data access.

This significant evolution enables developers to reach over 50,000 communities who are actively seeking to enhance their members' experiences. Through the dev portal, developers can build and submit miniapps to provide to a vast array of applications and services for community admins to customize their communities.

First Look at Collab.Land APIs

For the first time, the Developer Portal offers developers access to Collab.Land's APIs. These APIs encourage direct interaction with Collab.Land's network, facilitating a seamless integration process for active members across various websites, platforms, or apps.

Tiered API Product Offering

Designed with diverse needs in mind, Collab.Land's API product is available in three tiers.

Free Tier: Ideal for newcomers to the API, offering limited requests and rate limits for initial experimentation and familiarization as well as development.

  • 10 requests per second
  • 10000 requests per month
  • 5 Max marketplace keys
  • 5 Max client apps

Paid Tier: Geared towards developers requiring higher request and rate limits. This tier covers most use cases, perfectly suited for those ready to incorporate the API into larger projects:

  • 15 requests per second
  • 1000000 requests per month
  • 500 Max marketplace keys
  • 500 Max client apps

Enterprise Tier: Customized to suit specific requirements, the Enterprise Plan is for brands or projects that need custom support or integrations demanding additional resources from the core team. For those interested in this plan, please direct all inquiries to the Collab.Land team.

API Use Cases

Build token gated websites and web applications

Build token gated web apps to provide additional functionalities to your community, fans or customers. With the website token gating features, you can gate / grant access to exclusive content and features on your site. Learn more.

Reach 50k+ communities on Collab.Land with miniapps

Build lightweight implementations of your projects that run on the Collab.Land bot as a miniapp. They are a great way to get your project in front of 50k+ community admins and 9M+ users. Learn more

Request user permissions for data access with LWC Flow

Leverage the Collab.Land LWC flow to request user permissions to access their data on Collab.Land. This will allow you to access user wallets and build custom experiences in your projects. The LWC flow follows the OAuth2 protocol, allowing applications to obtain an access token that can be used to interact with the Collab.Land API on behalf of the authenticated user.

Collab.Land remains committed to privacy and security. Accordingly, any use of the community APIs that involves member data will necessitate explicit user consent, reflecting best practices in data privacy and giving members complete control over their personal information.

Empowering the Web3 Journey

At Collab.Land we are dedicated to empowering multiple personas on their journey through web3. By offering developers more extensive access and powerful tools, we are fostering innovation and promoting accessibility within our network. Simultaneously, we stay true to our commitment to safety and privacy. The launch of the Developer Portal and new API product signifies a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to create a more interactive, personalized, and secure digital ecosystem and we can't wait to see what you all build.