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What is the $COLLAB token initial distribution?

The $COLLAB token distribution is as follows: DAO Treasury = 50% (500MM) (reserved for future distributions and use) Team/Investors/Partners = 25% (250MM) Retroactive Distribution = 25% (250MM)

The DAO Treasury will hold 50% of the total supply of $COLLAB. This allocation serves as the long-term community reserves, and we anticipate that proposals will be made into the future to allocate these tokens towards different community initiatives, including grants, airdrops, and other incentive / distribution programs.

We expect the DAO to distribute tokens to many Collab.Land contributors, members and communities on an ongoing basis.

The Collab.Land core team, investors, and partners have been allocated 25% of the total supply. This represents the time, energy and investment that they have put towards Collab.Land in the close to 3 years since the project was formed. They have a four-year time-based vesting schedule with a one-year cliff.

$COLLAB token distribution

Retroactive Reward Distribution

For the Retroactive Reward Distribution airdrop, the breakdown is as follows: Top 100 Discord Communities = 60% Collab.Land Patron NFT Holders (token numbers 1-142) = 16% Collab.Land Membership NFT Holders = 16% Verified Community Members as of 2/14/23 = 8%

Any tokens that remain unclaimed on 5/23/23 will return to the DAO Treasury.

$COLLAB token retroactive-distribution