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Proposal Process

What is the Collab.Land Proposal Process?

The Top 100 Communities will get tokens through the Collab.Land Proposal Process. We want communities to propose unique and creative mechanisms for how they use $COLLAB tokens distributed to their given community.

We anticipate that these communities and their leaders will play a core role in $COLLAB governance and as such, allocating a significant portion of the initial distribution to them makes a lot of sense. This allocation will also provide an opportunity for the individuals within these ecosystems to step up and take a leading role in $COLLAB governance, without needing to acquire significant governance weight as individuals.

Collab.Land is lucky to be the web3 authentication service for a broad range of communities, and as such, a single method of distribution for these community allocations no matter how refined, would still end up being unsuitable for some communities. For this reason, we now invite our top communities to submit a proposal specific to their needs, which describes how they plan to utilize the $COLLAB tokens they have been allocated.

Taking learnings from the Optimism Community Grants process, we expect that this opportunity will allow communities to come up with more creative and innovative ways to distribute or otherwise utilize the tokens they have been allocated.

The Collab.Land team will assess these proposals as they are submitted and work alongside communities in order to refine the most meaningful proposal for their specific needs.

How to Submit a Proposal

  1. Navigate to the #community-distribution channel in the Collab.Land Discord.

  2. Take a look at the [example proposal] and [proposal template] which outline how proposals should be formatted.

  3. Work within your community to develop a proposal which defines how the allocated $COLLAB tokens will be used.

  4. Submit the proposal to the #community-proposals channel in the Collab.Land Discord.

    • Discussion around proposals will happen within each post under the #community-proposals channel.

    • A new [proposal champion] role will be assigned to the user who submits their community’s proposal.

    • There is a new Discord categories feature which we will be using to streamline this process.

  5. Collab.Land team will reach out directly to the proposal champion to progress the proposal.