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Submit your miniapps

Congratulations on completing your miniapp! We're excited to have your creation listed on the Collab.Land marketplace. To make the submission process smooth and successful, please follow the steps below:

Before submitting your miniapp, ensure that your miniapp manifest contains all the necessary details that users will need to understand what your miniapp is about and what functionalities it offers. The manifest serves as a crucial guide for potential users, so make sure it's accurate and informative.

To begin the submission process, head over to the Collab.Land QA DevPortal and submit your miniapp via the dashboard.

After receiving your submission, our team will review your miniapp for listing on the Collab.Land marketplace. We'll perform internal testing and seek DAO approval to ensure the quality and compatibility of your miniapp with our ecosystem. Additionally, we'll coordinate co-marketing efforts to promote your miniapp to the Collab.Land community.

Once we've completed the necessary testing and approvals, and we're ready for the launch, we'll notify you. At this stage, you can resubmit the production version of your miniapp via the production DevPortal. This final step will make your miniapp available to all 50k+ Collab.Land administrators.