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About this app

MarkX Emoji gives users the ability to use their Emoji NFTs as stickers within the Discord servers. You can use your community brand or NFT IP to create emojis with the MarkX creator network and allow your community members to start communicating with it!

Get Free Custom Emojis for Your Community

Step 2 in Getting Started below is required to set up your community to use your project emojis.

Getting Started

  1. Admins install the MarkX Emoji Miniapp from the Collab.Land Marketplace

  2. Admins create a free Emoji collection for your IP (NFT or Brand) with MarkX using the promo code below:

Promo Code
  1. Members use /buy-emoji command in Discord to buy/mint your community Emoji NFTs in the MarkX marketplace (in testnet right now)

  2. Members use /connect-wallet command to give Miniapp permission to read wallets you have connected with Collab.Land

  3. Use /view-emojis command to view all the Emoji NFTs you own

  4. Use /post-emoji command to post the Emoji NFT you own as stickers with others


CommandAdditional ParametersDescription
/buy-emoji-Buy/mint Emoji NFTs in the MarkX marketplace.
/connect-wallet-Connect your wallet to the bot for NFT access.
/view-emojis-View a list of Emoji NFTs that you own as stickers.
/post-emoji-Send/Post a specific sticker from your collection in the chat.
/help-View available commands.