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Here’s what does

Collab.Land provides solutions for managing Web3 communities by token-gating the channels and groups. We also have other features like Tipping(currently limited access), Verifiable Credentials, Decentralized Identities (DIDs), and more. We are bringing web2 users to web3. From web2, we support platforms such as Discord, Telegram, and soon Reddit, Github, and Notion. To web3, we support all the popular chains.

Why Collab.Land is decentralizing

To give users control of their own data. We are actively working with the rest of the community to build a decentralized network for all.

Who we are: This summer Collab.Land will decentralize ownership of the Collab.Land project before moving to fully decentralized governance through the Collab.Land DAO.

Our Mission: To create community tools that enhance collaboration amongst human beings of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, genders, religions, abilities & beliefs by aligning incentives for a positive sum outcome.

Our Vision: Open-source digital networks self-governing to become online institutions, owned & operated by the members of these communities. As a result, these communities begin working together for a better outcome for all creating a new form of digital democracy that evolves to enhance human collaboration.

Our Project: Collab.Land is open-sourcing web3 community tools & decentralizing the governance of itself to a network of contributors, members, and partners. The Collab.Land DAO will work toward creating a mutually aligned model for the operator & user to share incentives. The Collab.Land DAO will prioritize product choices based on the DAO governance. By doing this we will generate better products catered to the requests of the community. As the Collab.Land product demand rises, its token utilities & yields become in greater demand, driving the value of the Collab.Land token.