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Extending Collab.Land

In this section, you'll learn how to build Miniapps for the Collab.Land ecosystem and Marketplace.

Zero to Hero with Miniapps

You can find the Miniapp development process within the Collab.Land Co-op in this flowchart.

Flowchart password
password `collabland`


  • Generate an idea 💡 for your Miniapp and join the Collab.Land Discord server.
  • Create a thread in #miniapp-ideas to share your idea with the community.
  • Receive feedback and access valuable resources to help you kickstart your Miniapp development.
  • Schedule a call with Kenny, our DevRel lead, to discuss implementation details. You can book a call with Kenny using this Calendly link.
  • If you have general development questions or need assistance, ask for help from other Miniapp developers in #dev-general.


During the development process, it's important to be available to the community within your project thread in #miniapp-ideas to address any questions.

You'll need to create the following documentation for your Miniapp:

  1. Miniapp installation documentation, which will be hosted in the Marketplace.
  2. Miniapp usage and tutorial documentation, which will be hosted in the Admin help docs.


Once your Miniapp is ready, follow these steps:

  1. Submit your Miniapp on the Dev Portal for review by Collab.Land.
  2. Participate in the Project Showcase on the Miniapp Madness Demo Day, which occurs once per month (3 times per season). If you're not ready for the current showcase, you can aim to be included in the next batch. You can find the event agenda here.

Ensure that your installation and usage documentation have been drafted, reviewed, and refined before reaching this point.

During the showcase event, you'll present your completed Miniapp to the Collab.Land DAO for approval voting. This is an opportunity to market your Miniapp to community admins. Come prepared with your best foot forward, including memes, ideas, examples, and documentation. Be ready to answer questions as you run the sessions to showcase your Miniapp.

DAO Proposal

If your Miniapp receives approval during the showcase event, the Collab.Land team will sponsor your Miniapp as a DAO proposal. The approval process for a DAO proposal takes 14 days, following the 2/7/5 Proposal cycle. Once your Miniapp proposal is successfully passed:

  1. Congratulations! You can now proceed to stake $COLLAB tokens to guarantee your listing in the Marketplace. (Staking tokens are only applicable in v2 of the Marketplace, staking is not required at the moment).
  2. The Collab.Land team will list your Miniapp in the Marketplace and activate it for community admins to install in their communities.

Going Live

Initially, your Miniapp will go live exclusively within the Collab.Land Discord server. This limited rollout allows for communication between early users and Miniapp developers, enabling you to gather feedback and make any necessary improvements before a wider rollout.

By following these steps, you can go from zero to hero with Miniapps within the Collab.Land Co-op. Remember to refer to the provided flowchart and leverage the Collab.Land Discord community for support and guidance throughout the process. Good luck with your Miniapp development!