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Getting started

Browse & Install apps

Community administrators can see a comprehensive list of all the apps available in the Collab.Land Marketplace within the Command Center. The displayed apps contain useful information such as the title, icon, brief description, rating, cost and category (bot command or CC extension).


View the Marketplace tutorial video on the Collab.Land youtube channel.

Admins can search for a specific app using its name, or filter the available options. Additionally, admins can sort the apps by their alphabetical order, date added, and price.

To install an app, an administrator clicks the "Install" button. A window appears displaying the price of the app and the available balance or indicating if it's a "Free Install". Upon completion of the installation, the install button will change to uninstall, and the app will be ready to use.

Miniapp Subscriptions

Navigating the Collab.Land marketplace, admins and members will find that some miniapps now carry a cost, while others are free to install. The paid miniapps are a monthly subscription, ensuring continued access and utility for as long as your subscription remains active.

Should you choose to discontinue your subscription, it's important to know that access to the miniapp will only be available until the end of the current subscription month. To effectively discontinue your subscription, please proceed to Stripe.

Worried about losing your settings? Fret not. You have the option to reinstate your subscription at any time, and all your previously set rules will remain untouched and intact.

For those who had the advantage of installing the miniapp prior to the payment requirement, you will continue access without any charge. Please note that this privilege may be subject to change in the future. However, adequate notice will be provided, allowing you ample time to make necessary adjustments.

In conclusion, as a platform ardently supporting customized communities that champion pro-social behavior, we appreciate community administrators for nurturing cooperative environments. Your satisfaction remain at the forefront as you explore the thoughtful offerings of the Collab.Land marketplace, underlining our commitment to community growth.