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Loopring is an zkRollup Ethereum L2 based on zero knowledge circuits. Check out the Loopring docs to learn more.

Loopring verification guide

Are you looking to connect to Collab.Land through your Loopring account? This guide will walk you through the simple steps of connecting your Loopring account to Collab.Land.

  1. Login to the Discord channel where you would like to verify
  2. Click the “Let’s Go!” button in the collabland-join channel.
  3. Go to the Collab.Land connect site and click on “+ Verify with a New Wallet”.
  4. To view all available wallet connection options, click the "Show All" button.
  5. Select the Loopring option.
  6. Choose the type of wallet that holds your L2 loopring tokens. You can either sign with Metamask by selecting Metamask, or with another supported wallet by selecting Wallet Connect.
  7. After selecting your wallet, click the "Sign Message" button and sign in to your selected wallet.
  8. Sign the verification message in your wallet and return to Discord to complete the verification process.