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With the tokenproof mobile app, you can easily gain token-granted Discord roles and access token-granted Telegram chats.

tokenproof verification guide

Follow these steps to verify your membership on Discord:

  1. Go to the #collabland-join channel on your Discord server and click "Let's Go!"

  2. Follow the custom message to connect your wallet and go to Make sure to verify all steps to ensure security.

  3. Click "+ Verify with a New Wallet".

  4. Click "Show All" to see all available options.

  5. Select "tokenproof".

  6. On the tokenproof app, tap the QR code scanner icon at the bottom of the navigation bar and scan the QR code that appears.

  7. Select the public wallet address you want to share with Collab.Land.

  8. Return to Discord, and you'll see a custom message with your token-granted Discord roles.

Please note that Telegram support is coming soon with the next update, and the steps will be similar to those described for Discord.